IGVF Affiliate Membership

IGVF Affiliate Membership Application

Last updated 22_04_06

Application process for joining the IGVF Consortium as an affiliate member

An investigator who is interested in applying for affiliate membership to the IGVF Consortium should fill out the application form and submit it via their Institutional Signing Official to IGVF Program Staff (Dan Gilchrist , Stephanie Morris and Mike Pazin ). The application will be reviewed by NHGRI staff to determine whether an investigator will be accepted into the Consortium. Once accepted, participation of members in Consortium activities may be reviewed yearly by NHGRI staff to ensure active participation. At any time, an affiliated member may ask to leave the Consortium, but is expected to honor the confidentiality of any information obtained during Consortium membership as appropriate through standard research collaboration practices.

Affiliate membership does not directly or indirectly imply a commitment to funding by the NIH.

Download the Application.

A list of Affiliate Members can be found on the NHGRI IGVF project page.