Awardee Institution Title
Award Number
Jay Shendure, Nadav Ahituv, Martin Kircher University of Washington, UC San Francisco, Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin Massively parallel characterization of variants and elements impacting transcriptional regulation in dynamic cellular systems HG011966
Lea Starita, Douglas Fowler University of Washington The Center for Actionable Variant Analysis; measuring variant function at scale HG011969
Jesse Engreitz, Thomas Quertermous Stanford University Stanford Center for Connecting DNA Variants to Function and Phenotype HG011972
Marc Vidal Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Molecular phenotyping of ~100,000 coding variants across Mendelian disease genes HG011989
Gary Hon, William Kraus, Nikhil Munshi University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Multiscale functional characterization of genomic variation in human developmental disorders HG011996
Hyejung Won, Michael Love, Karen Mohlke University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Systematic in vivo characterization of disease-associated regulatory variants HG012003
Luca Pinello, Daniel Bauer, Guillaume Lettre, Richard Sherwood Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, Montreal Heart Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Comprehensive characterization of variants underlying heart and blood diseases with CRISPR base editing HG012010
Charles Gersbach, Gregory Crawford, Tim Reddy Duke University High-throughput functional annotation of gene regulatory elements and variants critical to complex cellular phenotypes HG012053