Predictive Modeling

Awardee Institution Title
Award Number
Alan Boyle University of Michigan Predicting the impact of genomic variation on cellular states HG011952
Andrew S. Allen, Shayan Mukherjee, Charles D. Page Jr. Duke University Design, prediction, and prioritization of systematic perturbations of the human genome HG011967
Soumya Raychaudhuri, Alkes Price, Shamil Sunyaev Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard School of Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Predicting the impact of genetic variants, genes and pathways on human disease HG012009
Predrag Radivojac Northeastern University Supporting IGVF by modeling genetics, function, and phenotype with machine learning HG012022
Mark Craven University of Wisconsin Linking variants to multi-scale phenotypes via a synthesis of subnetwork inference and deep learning HG012039
Zhiping Weng, Manuel Garber, Xihong Lin University of Massachusetts Medical School, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health Predictive modeling of the functional and phenotypic impacts of genetic variants HG012064
Anshul Kundaje Stanford University Predicting context-specific molecular and phenotypic effects of genetic variation through the lens of the cis-regulatory code HG012069