Welcome to the IGVF Consortium!

The IGVF (Impact of Genomic Variation on Function) Consortium aims to understand how genomic variation affects genome function, which in turn impacts phenotype. The NHGRI is funding this collaborative program that brings together teams of investigators who will use state-of-the-art experimental and computational approaches to model, predict, characterize and map genome function, how genome function shapes phenotype, and how these processes are affected by genomic variation. These joint efforts will produce a catalog of the impact of genomic variants on genome function and phenotypes.

This video can be found on the NHGRI website.

Program Goals

Systematic perturbation of the genome to assess the impact of genomic variation on genome function and phenotype

High-resolution identification of where and when genes and regulatory elements function

Advancement of network-level understanding of the influence of genetic variation and genome function on phenotype

Development and testing of innovative predictive models of the impact of genomic variation on genome function

Generation of a resource centered on a catalog of variant impacts and including data, tools, and models that will be shared with the broader research community

Enabling others to perform related studies using these approaches